Lost Soul
⌜ What about you?
Was I able to live inside someone's heart?
Was I able to live inside your heart? ⌟

You'll never walk alone
I'll go with you
No matter your sin,
I'll shoulder it for you
I'll walk
The unpaved paths
With you

I will stay with you
Embrace me
In your arms
With all your strength
Because there's nothing
We can't wish for
When I'm all alone with you


Even though I’m not there you are doing just fine
I was suddenly told from that day
I must not forget
Your favorite phrases or even the way you laugh
That’s right, whatever I do I keep thinking about you
At this rate I just can’t help it
Hey, where are you? What are you thinking about?
I’m still here…

Until the day I can meet you with a smile
I will never forget your kindness
I believe these feelings will reach you
I’m wishing

I wonder if there will come a day
I slowly get used to not seeing you every morning
And when I realize
I wonder if you will have fallen in love with someone else

That’s right, we walked down the same path
Since when did we become separated?
Hey, have you forgotten everything?
I’m still at that place…

- 2

The radiance of that smile and those eyes
Is increasing brilliantly even now
Despite seeming to reach me this much
It’s as far away as I can imagine
That day I met you and fell in love….
The time we spent together holding hands…
I will believe in this miracle just one more time
I’m surely wishing

- 2

Top 5 games I ever played :
Dust : An Elysian Tail
God Hand
Legacy of Kain series

Top 5 anime:
Natsume Yuujinchou
Bungou Stray Dogs
Rurouni Kenshin

Top 3 Movies:
The Last Samurai
Legend of Bagger Vance
How to Train Your Dragon ( Because of the ending when the main character loses his leg and deals with it without a second thought.)

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Some quotes i like.. here goes nothing.


The heart may be weak, and sometimes, it may even give in...But I learned, that deep down there's a light that NEVER goes out! "

You can die anytime, but living takes true courage.

Maybe... just maybe, the light can reach even the bottom of a dark ocean.

By exchanging notes, you get to know one another, to understand one another. As if your souls were connected and your hearts were overlapping. It's a conversation through instruments. A miracle that creates harmony. In that moment, music transcends words.

A lump of steel, like a shooting star. Just seeing the same sky as you makes familiar scenery look different. I swing between hope and despair at your slightest gesture, and my heart starts to play a melody. What kind of feeling is this again? What do they call this kind of feeling? I think it's probably... Called Love. I'm sure this is what they call love.

K is for Kid, a guy or gal just like you. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up, since there's nothin' a kid can't do.

A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.

What is love? Its when your eyes start following someone, and you look for them if they’re not around. You get excited thinking you might run into him when you’re putting your shoes on in the morning. And when you don’t it’s a little disappointing. But then you pass by him and that makes you happy for the rest of the day. It feels like you can handle anything. Seeing him is enough to make you happy.


We are forever responsible, for what we have tamed.

When the world is at peace, a gentleman keeps his sword by his side.

As surely as the bullet rips through the victim's flesh, organ and bone, it shatters the image of the man who pulls the trigger.

Death is inevitable. Our fear of it makes us play safe, blocks out emotion. It's a losing game. Without passion you are already dead.

We forge the chains we wear in life.

People who work for money are no good. People who work for honor are also no good. That leaves only one reason. People who work for love can be trusted. Yasuri Shichika… fall for me!”

The only one who can decide your worth.. is you. If you want to earn something, you need to reach out for it. Pro-athletes give up their teenage years to train. Business owners put up collateral to borrow money. That's how it always works. To make your ambitions come true, you have to take risks. The larger the ambition the greater the risk. That might involve time or enough work to affect your lifespan... So make your choice. Live in peace as a wannabe or risk losing it all to reach the very top. You're the one who needs to decide.

You shouldn't judge something without trying it first. Having a variety of experiences is what makes life worth living.

There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.

Slightly Sad

Wealth is a nightmare. With each coveted thing we buy, we lose a thing we dream about.

Lies are like colours. The more you pile up, the blacker things get.

Having happy and beautiful memories won't always bring you salvation. The more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it can become.

Isn't it funny how the most unforgettable scenes can be so trivial ?

As they say about the vulgar masses, the more people flock to a group, the more foolish they become. No matter how prominent an individual is, no, it’s because he is prominent that he would be blotted out by the sheer force of numbers when thrown into that lump of people. Individual will, qualifications, and personality, let alone emotions aren’t considered at all. We see only what we want to see, listen only to what we want to listen to, but for the things we want to say, we aren’t able to. This is the society that we’re living in right now.

If wishes could be granted, if desires could be fulfilled, then I wouldn't wish or desire for anything after all. The things you're handed on a silver platter are never genuine, and never everlasting. And that is why I'll always keep searching.

If there are things you learn with friends, there must also be things you learn without friends. They must be of equal worth, two sides of the same coin.

Whatever you lose, you'll find it again, but what you throw away you'll never get it back.

Perhaps the distant part of the sky always seems clearest, so that we will always strive to reach it.

Maybe worrying about the future partings so much that you miss out on happiness in the present is a waste.

Deep and meaningful, aka very sad.

The saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you.

How do we forgive ourselves, for all the things we did not become? ( The last sentence of someone´s suicide note.)

The reason scars don´t heal when we try to forget, is because trying to forget makes use remember them.

You'll only realize that you truly love someone if they already caused you enormous pain. Your enemies can never hurt you the way your loved ones can. It's the people close to your heart that can give you the most piercing wound. Love is a double-edged sword, it can heal the wound faster or it can sink the blade even deeper.

People need to be told they're worthy of being alive by someone else or they can't go on.

Someone has to be cursed to balance out a wish for someone else´s happiness.

We´re so obsessed with finding someone to love us, because we need to feel like we matter to someone, when we can´t matter to ourselves.

If you´ve read this far then well done, i hope you enjoyed reading some of these quotes. :wsma_happy:

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