21 years old, I regard myself as a smart person, have a heart of an artist and I dream more than I find it to be productive.
Where there's anything close to a photo mode, I'm taking lots of screenshots. Few make it online though.

Check out my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa9gn7b827k2flSLm-ipJTg/videos
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About Me
English is not my native language, but I can express mysef better in English.

I'm a man of many tastes, open minded to anything that that has the potential of leaving an impression.

I'm enjoying some shooters as much as classic role-playing games, genres themselves not having an influence on my first impression. However, I do have favorites when it comes to genres, those being: noir, dark fantasy, sci-fi and modern.

The video-games I kept playing over the years are: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Deus Ex, the old Star Wars ones, Assassin's Creed, The Witcher and some of the Telltale games.

Almost all the artbooks I have are related to a specific video game. It's not me caring for the extras as looking for inspirations from the artists that crafted the fictional worlds that leave me in awe. If I have the option, rather than take a couple of guesses, I'd rather know for sure the artists intention and the meaning behind his creation. That doesn't stop me from making my own interpretations.

Even in the days when I'm not uploading anything I'm still looking through the activity feed, rating up and favoriting the things that take control of my hand to press the 'rate up' and 'favorite' buttons. I don't care to press those for any kind of things just to take part in some "popularity currency". Therefore, if you beg for attention or rate up my stuff just to have yours rates as well, I'll unfriend you after wishing you well and block you if you make a fuss out of it.

I like the people that have a lot to say but share little. I love the ones that stand by their opinions even when that means standing against the majority. I don't care what kind of person someone is, I give a damn to what they do. I prefer politness but don't mind vulgarity. I prefer matureness, but don't mind childish remarks. I prefer that when rated down, the critic will comment on why with sensible arguments, but won't get upset when that doesn't happen.

I'm not big on buying games these days, since I don't like where things are going in the industry. In many studios, artistic integrity is a thing of the past and real talent is obscured by business models. An understandable evolution, really, but one I don't have to endure. I'm not crazy about retro games, nor am I oblivious to what's coming out, but I'm "not in the craze". In the early 2000s, developers seemed to know what they're doing and they weren't afraid to give strong statements. These days I find that to be rare, most of the industry having been turned into a travesty.

I work with Adobe Creative Cloud when it comes to design and video editing and I'm all open source when it comes to code. For writing, I use Nimble Writer. For everything else there's Blender.

I don't care for political movements. While I agree with some, the reason I stand with none is simply because they're aim is warped and they don't make a difference. They're "political" after all...

I keep my steam open even when I'm working sometimes and even when being in the middle of something I may still reply on the spot.

If by reading all this you feel like adding me, go ahead. If this changed your mind on adding me, you can still go ahead, as I rarely make statements on steam. While I don't care much about the design of steam profiles, I will take a look to see if there are any common interests we have. Low-level profiles of people that grew up with the idiotic side of the internet aren't people I'd see on my friend list. Now don't look at it like it's a job advert that makes you feel underqualified. I am quite easy-going.

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Loravolpes 17 Feb @ 7:25am 
:skull_happy: Have a relax and perfect weekend for you F4rseeR :skull_happy:
FireWraith™ 17 Feb @ 12:47am 
Have a Wonderful weekend mate! :sotb:
:shigure2: Have a great week :praisesun: [ F4rseeR ] :praisesun: coffee? = :yuurisad: :mug: :mug: :mug: :mug: :mug: :mug: :MaterialGirl_expression3: :expression2:
:fengyi: You should not have a place for sadness: let these days bring you joy and fun !!! :asagapeace:
:muxin: I wish you good health and positive games in steam :Bsha_VII: :shino_cb3:
:cclupinus: With best regards: Your friend - Vlad
Baluka 24 Jan @ 11:15pm 
my pleasure man, nice to be around people with common thoughts
FR0ST_ 22 Jan @ 12:17pm 
Ty for the invite friend. Pleasure to meet you, great profile xD Have a nice week! :bhbrofist:
Sorter 14 Jan @ 4:41am 
Thanks for the add, friend. Pleased to meet you!