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2018 will not be my year i guarantee you that
greatest achievement in life? hmmm.... thats a tough one. harassing bman847 for being a pedo over steam, probably

i design my own profile pictures
vaporwave isnt dead btw
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Izaya Meme [AGTC] 19 Mar @ 7:20am 
💓:Neko:ShinkuDollBeat(....) Just now
Here how about I do a "impersonation" of you instead izaya

"I am izaya meme im a hacker bastard who calls each other nigger im autistic even though i act like im not i am a normie wannabe that makes the worst and baddest memes and even though I think im famous I am not and I have a bunch of haters bleh bleeehh blleeehh"
reclusivealchemist 19 Mar @ 7:17am 
kill yourself
Izaya Meme [AGTC] 16 Mar @ 11:46am 
⠀⠀ ⠀⣠⣦⣤⣀
namajeff1989 16 Mar @ 7:12am 
ghoul is gay
reclusivealchemist 16 Mar @ 6:55am 
good god i just want this life to be over
ReclusiveGhoul 14 Mar @ 11:49am 
thanks for the constructive criticism! i'll bear this in mind next time i fuck something up!