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Jesus christ do anyone actually read this? I still get people calling me out for Having multiple VAC bans which I do not fucking hide the fact I cheated and will even tell you what I did, Hell here is a fucking list (As of 28/11/17)

- Modern Warfare 2 (6 years after Release): I used to host XP lobbies, Modded gamemodes and unlock all lobbies - 4 Years ago

- Modern Warfare 3 (4 years after release) Cheated my level - 4 Years ago

NOTE: I am not VAC'D on any Source game so I can still play Source based games

If you are actually reading this, Well done you are one of few

Words to live by:
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Multiple VAC bans on record | Info
1347 day(s) since last ban
Things that I have created
Payday 2

Stupid mods

What's up fuckers shield []
Philidelphia's Gay Pride flag []
Sex Offender Shuffle Ad section replacer []
"I'm defending myself" Detection sound []
Uncomfortable ASMR Glass cutter replacer []
Read Nibba Read intro replacer []
Do you know de wey Shield bashing replacement []

Serious mods

Somewhat improved HUD []
Less shit Mouse cursors standalone []
Vault symbol healthbar []
BorderHUD Re-Uploaded []

Goonmod weapon customizer standalone skins THESE REQUIRE N.A.T.O MOD (Out Dated)

Chimano 88│Kraken []
Compact-5│Blue sky []
Chimano 88│Abomination []

PAYDAY: The Heist

Graphical mods

Hatshade (ReShade preset) []

Serious mods

Have Mercy []

Stupid mods

Hey, Listen Objective sound []

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

Nighty Night Time Reshade []

Grand Theft Auto: Online

Los Santos motobike GP []
Los Santos GP II []
Los Santos Moto GP III []
SAIL! []
Home Delivery []
Guide Showcase
[Weapon] CAR-4/M4A1 DMR build (Modded and Vanilla)
By Sir Cat Ina Hat
[Weapon build] TEC-9 "Rifle"
By Sir Cat Ina Hat
Modding guide for Payday 2: Ultimate edition players
By Sir Cat Ina Hat

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